About Bladesmith Matt Sicard

Oh sheesh, an ego driven bio page for bladesmith Matt Sicard... or is it?

Let's keep it short, sweet, and directly from Matt, the founder and artisan who designs and hand crafts everything from MSicard Cutlery.

Bladesmith Matt Sicard's Bio in his own words...

"Hello there knife people…

I’m Matt Sicard (sea-card), a full-time Canadian bladesmith, specializing in creating value and performance based kitchen knives and everyday use cutlery.

Welcome to my online shop, featuring my handcrafted knives.

Growing up in rural Ontario, it’s safe to say I've learned a thing or two about functional blades for hunting, outdoor life, and the kitchen, eh!

MSicard Cutlery creates artisan kitchen knives, EDC knives, and specialty blades, using a variety of steels, including:

    • MagnaCut (Stainless)

    • SheffCut (Carbon Steel)

    • Apex Ultra (Carbon Steel)

    • 26c3 "Spicy White" (Carbon Steel)

    • 52100 (Carbon Steel)

    • AEB-L  (Stainless)

    • 1084 and 15n20 (Carbon Steels) for forging Damascus

    • Zwear (Semi-Stainless)

    • CPM-M4 ()

    • O1 (Carbon Steel)

    • W1 (Carbon Steel)

    • W2 (Carbon Steel)

    • 5160 (Carbon Steel)

    • Nitro-V

I love handles and have a tremendous range of materials at my disposal. Some handles are crafted for pure function. Others almost transform knives into art centerpieces or conversation starters for your kitchen or home.

Handle materials include: untreated and stabilized hardwoods, resin, hybrids, and stone.

While I mostly produce kitchen knives, I also enjoy forging camping & survival knives, daggers, and Japanese style blades.

** My books, for Custom Knife orders, are currently OPEN **

Please contact me with your custom knife ideas so we can work together to turn them into highly functional & sharp blades!

Thanks for browsing my work which is my passion."

– Matt

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